Admissions Materials
Admissions Materials

Admissions Materials

Bethany Lutheran College’s admissions materials are created and dispersed to prospects at various stages in the admissions funnel. The purpose of these pieces is to generate interest and applicants.

We hired a marketing firm to conduct market research on a portion of Bethany’s prospects. Based on this research, significant efforts were made to emphasize positive outcomes, faculty as mentors, and affordability. Additionally, these pieces look to improve the academic reputation of the college.

I served as the primary designer and content creator for all 2011-2013 pieces while working as a liaison from the marketing department to the admissions office. Several measures were taken to improve upon past materials:
•    A wealth of new content was collected
•    Supplemental website content was connected to our print pieces for increased impact
•    A new set of brand standards was established to refresh Bethany’s identity
•    Focus was shifted to highlight unique academic strengths and programs within the institution